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    Healthcare is no longer simple. Obamacare has changed the landscape of offerings of employer, individual and family health insurance. The government mandates when insurers can enroll and does not require coverage be a benefit for employment. More individuals need help to navigate the benefits of current offerings. We explore and explain these plans to align the appropriate coverage for your specific needs.

    Know your options.

    Medicare coverage remains a mystery not only to seniors who have been participating for years, to persons with disabilities as well as to boomers currently enrolling. Part A, Part B, Medicare Supplement, PDP, donut hole and more expressions contribute to the confusion. Our explanation, Medicare 101 is designed to simplify not only what Medicare covers but outline all the options to which you are entitled. [LEARN MORE]

    Healthcare on & off Exchange

    Individual and family choices

    Since Obamacare, the environment for health care has become radically different than the offerings prior to 2015. With regulations limiting providers administrative costs to 40% or less, the objective of the legislation has catapulted plans to catastrophic coverage. The intent of the law was to reduce the cost of healthcare but instead, consumers are paying premiums increased by 400% with huge deductibles as well as coverage limits.


    On Exchange allows for subsidized policies based on income to supplement the cost for those who qualify but is limited to specific enrollment periods and must be reconciled each year.


    Off Exchange policies are also limited to specific enrollment periods with no subsidy in which to reconcile.


    Short Term Care policies have evolved to cover more than the original 90 day coverage with renewals which may cover up to 5 years in some cases. It is important to note, these policies do not cover the following:

    •  Preexisting conditions
    •  Preventative care
    •  Prescriptions



    Be prepared

    Don't wait to use your travel insurance to discover the pitfalls of many products offered. Many require you to pay upfront and apply for reimbursement after returning home. Some even require you to collect from supplemental benefits before they will even entertain your claim. Our carrier wants to know the moment you are using medical services abroad, to negotiate the fees on your behalf[LEARN MORE]

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