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Medicaid and Medicare

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· Medicare enrollment

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Recently, Paul was reassessed for his benefit under Medicaid and lost his medical benefit. This granted him a special enrollment period to adopt new coverage. His new classification of QI still provided help with paying his Part B premium, as well as, help in paying for prescription drugs.


If Paul enrolls in a stand alone drug plan, he will still be liable for copays and deductibles as well as the 20% medical cost Medicare does not cover. There are Advantage plans which would not only supplement the drug coverage, but would also provide medical coverage and limit the total cost medical treatment entails.


These plans are available for Medicare eligible clients both over and under the age of 65. They provide protection for those who are disabled and entitled to a healthcare benefit as well. Many of these plans cover hospital, doctor as well as prescription benefits. Carefully calculate the costs of your drugs as well as confirm your providers and facilities are in network to ensure affordability.


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