• Healthcare under 65

    Since Obamacare we have evolved to catastrophic plans for our medical needs.

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Plans

    Buyer beware the coverage


    Individual plans on or off exchange

    Obamacare has changed the climate for shopping for healthcare as all the major insurance carriers have withdrawn individual coverage making your options more convoluted than ever. Beware, while a doctor may be a network provider, the facility in which he practices may not be part of the plan. Prior authorizations are often required and there are appeal processes which may be needed to navigate what were simple procedures just a few years ago.


    Premiums have increased 400% with deductibles and co pays reflecting what we once referred to as catastrophic plans. The deductibles in some cases are as high as the maximum out of pocket limits and may prohibit prescription drug coverage until the deductible is met. Call for help in navigating the options available to you.


    Indemnity and network plans available

    Coverage for all your dental needs can be purchased with no waiting periods, your current dentist and no enrollment fees. Plans offer a benefit from sealants and fluoride treatments to implants and dentures with other benefits in between. Contact us today to insure your mouth.


    Is the insurance worth the cost?

    Vision coverage is available either as a stand alone plan or in conjunction with a dental plan. There are no waiting periods and covers annual exams and glasses or contacts every two years with small co pays for enhancements. It is part of the Eye Med Network. Please contact us for details.

    Turning 26

    Is the insurance worth the cost?

    While a child is under the age of 26, regardless if they reside under the same roof or not, they may be covered under the parents major medical policy. However, the month following the child's 26th birthday, they are no longer covered under current law. There are very affordable policies offering major medical benefits if the child is not eligible for an employer sponsored plan.

    Short Term Plans

    Is the insurance worth the cost?

    With the elimination of the penalty for not participating in ACA health plans, the option for enrolling in a short term medical plan is a viable option. The premiums charged are considerably less than those offered under Healthcare.gov and there is no restricted enrollment period. The plans initially offered were for a 90 day period but have been extended to 364 days with some carriers offering up to 3 years of renewals.


    While these are a option, there are several coverages not offered under these plans. There is no preventative care, no prescription coverage and no preexisting condition coverage as well.

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