Do I have to purchase my drugs from my drug plan?

Dominic was prescribed a prescription by his doctor which retails for $679 for a 30 dayperiod. This particular pill is not on his current plan so not subject to discounted pricing. There is a plan offered in 2019 which covers the pill at $337 both before the deductible and in the initial period. Still, pretty pricey...Good RX has a coupon which allows him to purchase this drug for $27.34 at Giant Eagle pharmacy.

Until recently, anyone participating in a federal health plan, like Medicare, was prohibited from purchasing with these programs. In fact, the disclaimer was printed prominently on both the websites as well as the discount card itself. This is no longer the case. You may purchase prescriptions outside of your contracted prescription drug plan.

Phyllis was prescribed medication for her bladder cancer of which the full cost is $534 for a 30 day supply. While it was not available at Good RX, her husband found it affordable through Sams pharmacy by subscribing to their premium membership which costs $100 currently. With the membership, their cost for the drug is only $250, less than half the retail cost through their prescription drug plan.

As this is the Annual Enrollment Period, AEP, the time for comparing your current plan with next year's offerings, take advantage of all your options. Augment your plan with cost cutting strategies. Google your expensive prescription for discount options available to you or ask your neighborhood pharmacist for assistance. You are now permitted to be proactive in purchasing prescriptions and not limited to procuring all your drugs from a single source.

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