Stop Unsolicited Medicare Calls

Everyone either enrolled in Medicare or becoming eligible for Medicare has a target on their back for unsolicited sales calls. Ohio is the eighth largest state of beneficiaries turning 65. Couple that number with those already enrolled in Medicare and sales people from all over the country are soliciting your business.

At one time, it was effective to register your number with the "Do Not Call Registry" but that has become less effective recently because agents or companies have hired third-party marketing companies to breach the restriction. Agents can lose their licenses if found in breach but until recently there seemed to be no policing to this practice.

CMS has recently posed restrictions to marketing practices with promised retributions but that has not stopped the unsolicited calls. The only way to actually stop these calls is to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Committee (FCC). It is a simple form requesting you to state the problem in 3-5 succinct statements and state what could be done to curtail it.

There are two ways to file this complaint, first use this website: or please call 1-888-225-5322 .

Let's send a message that we want this harassment stopped.