Who is protected by the Surprise Billing Protection Form?

Providers reacted to the No Surprise Act by creating the Surprise Billing Protection Form. In essence, this form protects the liability of the hospital and allows consents to treatment at out-of-network rates. This form negates all protections you were granted under the legislature.

It is against the law for some providers to give you this form at all. Those include emergency room doctors, anesthesiologists, radiologists, assistant surgeons and hospitals. If you are given an iPad for recording your signatures in emergency rooms, be vigilant and insist on seeing form behind th signature to know exactly what you are signing.

Some providers my refuse care, don’t fret s there are ways to fight back:

  • Write on form “signing under duress”
  • Take picture of form it’s mobile phone or take video of yourself describing how this violates federal law.
  • The federal hotline for reporting is 1-800-985-3059.

The form should a “good faith estimate” of what you’ll be charged and for non-emergency care include the names of in-network providers you can use instead. This benefit applies anywhere you receive care.

Once you book an appointment, the provider must give advance notice of what you could expect to pay without insurance. Your final bill may not exceed the estimate by more than $400 per provider.