• Life's Little Black Book

    If you should die...or become incapacitated,Life's Little Black Bookthe book for beneficiarieshas you covered.

    includes the following and more...

    • Personal Information
    • Pass codes
    • Investment Accounts
    • Bills / Payment Modes
    • Automobiles / Properties
    • Banking Information
    • Computer Usernames & Passwords
    • Insurance Policies / Long Term Care
    • Healthcare Power of Attorney Information
    • Burial Instructions

    While Life's Little Black Book is quite comprehensive, it cannot replace a will. It is intended to augment the legal documents necessary to servicing an estate and to assist the beneficiaries in navigating the intricacies of a loved one's life.


    What people are saying about

      Life's Little Black Book?

    "This is a great tool for my investment and tax clients. I've seen many estates drag on because important documents could not be found. This valuable book can save countless days and make a difficult time manageable. I strongly recommend it. "

    - Ryan Cunningham, Cunningham Tax and Financial Services

    "My aunt pre-planned and prepaid for her funeral at a very nice funeral home hoping to save her daughter additional stress at a very difficult time. But, my aunt didn't have Life's Little Black Book, and her daughter never knew what she had done. So, with a heavy heart and not much money, her daughter did the best she could to plan and pay for a funeral for her mother. I have made sure my family is covered, with Life's Little Black Book."

    - Joey White, Handouts

    "I wish I had a guide like this when my mother passed away. My father was already gone. My parents didn't discuss end of life, so when my mother died, I had no idea what she wanted or what her wishes were. My siblings and I sorted through paper files looking for financial records and tried to find passwords for her computer. Having gone through this, I will use this book to prepare for my end of life, so that my daughters do not have the same struggle."

    - Deby Lexow, LOCLE Box

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