Any travel agent will advise you to get travel insurance when globe-trotting outside the United States. It covers all the potential what-ifs that could ruin a vacation, such as lost or stolen luggage, stolen passport, accidental death, personal liability, border entry protection, accommodation replacement due to natural disaster, and sports coverage for activities like zip-lining. Her travel medical insurance plan allows Ginny to negotiate the cost of your health care insurance, including considerations such as transporting your remains back to the U.S. if you pass away, ER visits, acute medical care of a pre-existing condition or the repatriation of pet remains.

We have a plan for you!

Our Travel Plan Offers:


✔ Affordable premiums

✔ Low to zero deductibles

✔ Major medical coverage: hospital, skilled nursing, physician, & home health

✔ Prescriptions

✔ Lost luggage

✔ Emergency return home

✔ Trip cancellation benefit

✔ Ambulance services

✔ Medical evacuation

✔ Repatriation of remains

✔ War & terrorism coverage

✔ $25,000 accidental death

✔ Optional hazardous sports and activities rider