What is the cost difference between a physical and a wellness visit?

Annual physical medical visits have been replaced with “wellness visits” under Medicare and many other medical policies. What is the difference you ask?In a nutshell, “laboratory work”.While the office visit to your primary care doctor may be covered under your wellness visit, blood work and other related tests may be subject to either a copay or your deductible depending upon your type of insurance.

Under Medicare it matters not to persons covered by original Medicare and either Plans F and C becauseyou pay a high enough premium which covers all costs. Enrollees with original Medicare in conjunction with Plans G and N will encounter deductible costs sooner but will be less impacted than those on the Medicare Advantage plans.

While Medicare Advantage clients are accustomed to paying copays for some of these costs, it is more important than ever to stress “know your network”.These plans are all about network and non-network providers. While the building may house your network doctor there is no guarantee the lab in the same building is in your network as well. When presenting your medical plan card, ask “are your services in my network”?